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Plastic Jerricans

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What’s a Jerrycan?

Jerrycans (jerricans) are versatile liquid containers.  They were first used by military units to hold gasoline, but their use has evolved and expanded to store and transport other liquids, like water or chemicals.  They are also more commonly known as gas cans.

They were first made of pressed steel, but now they are also produced in plastic.  

Jerrycans have handles on the top for easy carrying, and threaded caps or flip-top lids with pin holes that allow for air flowing in to ensure smooth outflow.  Rubber liners and gaskets help prevent leakage, while nozzles and funnels may be used to help with filling or pouring.

Jerrycans are great for distributing fluids from the source.

Why are they called Jerrycans?

Jerrycans got their name from the World War Two days, when the American Expeditionary Forces referred to German soldiers as “Jerry”.  The cans played an important role in re-supply, as 50% of all supply needs by weight were either fuel or other petroleum products.

Everything you need to know about Plastic Jerry cans (2020)

Although jerricans are simple containers, oddly enough they are regulated by federal governments.

Since 2009, all portable fuel containers must meet federal Mobile Source Air Toxic regulations, and meet requirements of the Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act.

Just like IBC totes, they are regulated by Title 49 CFR because they are used to transport dangerous and hazardous goods. They are defined in 49 CFR 171.8 as a “metal or plastic packaging of rectangular or polygonal-cross section.”

UN-marked jerrycans means they are approved for storing and moving regulated products, hazardous materials, and dangerous and sensitive filling goods. UN Certified jerrycans are made of 100% of high density polyethylene (HPDE). UN Certified jerrycans are also FDA-compliant.

Their shape makes them stackable, and their dimensions help in fitting multiple in a box or a bunch onto a pallet.

Jerrycans made of pressed steel had welded seams which were prone to leakage. Modern jerrycans use rolled seams instead.

The stamped and indented sides help in two ways, they stiffen the sheet material, and allow greater area for expansion and contraction as the filling gets hotter or colder.

Different colors, affixed labels, and sometimes imprinted labels on the containers help indicate a can’s designated use. This helps prevent contamination and mixing different fluids.

In California, some colors are mandated:
Red for petrol;
Yellow for diesel
Blue for kerosene

Jerrycans are found in many capacities, ranging from 1 gallon to 10 gallons. Try the Search Now function to have VerdeTrader help find jerrycans near you.