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Rectangular Pails

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Tight Head Rectangular Pails

3 Gallon Rectangular Pail

3 Gallon Rectangular Pail

4 Gallon Rectangular Pail

4 Gallon Rectangular Pail

5 Gallon Rectangular Pail

6 Gallon Rectangular Pail

6 Gallon Rectangular Jerrican

10 Liter Rectangular Pail

6 Gallon Square Jerrican

20 Liter Rectangular Pail

20 Liter Rectangular Pail
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Square & Rectangular Plastic Tight Head Pails

Tight Head Pails are closed containers, and don’t have the classic wide-mouth top open and lid as you would see on 5 gallon buckets. Pails come with a fixed handle, a plastic threaded screw cap, and a vent cap. Cap sizes vary on each capacity of pails.

Plastic tight-head containers are ideal for various industries, including flavorings, fragrances, cleaning solutions, building products, hydroponics, chemicals, agrochemicals and much more.

Plastic Tight Head Pails are blow molded of high density polyethylene (HPDE), just like IBC totes. HPDE is an industrial strength, durable plastic that is resistant to corrosive effects of chemicals. This also means they are BPA free and FDA compliant.

The containers are UN Rated (UN3H1/Y1.8/100) and feature vents. UN Rating allows for the storing and moving of dangerous or hazardous materials.

Square and Rectangular tight heads are perfect for storing liquids and fluids of different densities, such as water, paint, or chemicals.

Rectangular Containers Sizes

Rectangular container are available in the following capacities:
3, 4, 5, or 6 gallons
10 or 20 liters

Rectangular Pail Truckload Quantities

Rectangular containers are available in the following quantities:
3 and 4 gallons = 3,840 per truckload
5 gallons = 2,880 per truckload
6 gallons = 2,400 per truckload
10 liters = 6,000 per truck load
20 liters = 2,880 per truckload