Used Gaylord Boxes in Ohio

We Buy/Sell Gaylord Boxes OH.

Used Gaylord Boxes in Ohio

We Buy/Sell Gaylord Boxes OH.

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Ongoing Supplies in Ohio

Columbus, Ohio:

In the heart of the state, Columbus, OH the 15th largest city in the USA, was rated the most intelligent city in the United States 2013.  We are able to help manufactures across the state and are proud of how many manufactures we help in the Columbus region particularly.  Ohio is home to a lot of manufacturing, and it is always a pleasure to help these businesses operate in a more profitable & sustainable way.  In Columbus we have gaylords available for both pick up and delivery.

All of these options are available in multiple truck load quantities each month.  Sometime there can be a waiting list, but we usually have a truck load of gaylords always available in Columbus.  Call for availability.

Ongoing Supply in Cincinnati, Ohio

In the greater Cincinnati region we have:

These are available for pick up or delivery.  Two truck loads are available per month.  Great boxes, call for current inventory.

Gaylords always available in Cleveland, Ohio

In the greater Cleveland region we have the following options:

If you’re in West PA, it is easy to ship these gaylords at an economical price.  Call for availability.  These options can be picked up or delivered.

Need a Short 19″ tall Gaylord?

In Aurora, Ohio we have great single use 19″ shorties.

Welcome To Gaylord Box Exchange Ohio

Serving the state of Ohio is one of the Gaylord Box Exchange’s primary goals. We have established connections in the major cities of Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, and Akron. Also, our partners in the bordering states of Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania can provide for customers in Ohio at reasonable shipping costs. While we have established a presence in some of the largest cities in the state it is our goal to build a presence in the cities of Columbus and Canton as well. The wide range of industries that call Ohio home present a number of different types of Gaylord boxes. Specifically, we have come across a bounty of 2-ply and 3-ply boxes in our brief experience in the state. In our efforts to establish new customers, we offer a complimentary used cardboard and gaylord box removal service. Wherever you are located, we will send a truck to pick up all of your unwanted bulk cardboard and gaylord boxes. Additionally, if you have lightly used gaylord boxes that are in suitable condition, we would be more than happy to purchase these boxes from you. Simply fill out the box seller form, and we will reach out to you as soon as we can to pick up your boxes. Lastly, if there are not any current listings suitable to your boxing needs, complete the box buyer form and we will have your request sourced immediately. We look forward to working with you!