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We have CORRUGATED USED Boxes. We even buy back your used plastic bottle boxes!

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What is a used packaging box?


  • New Boxes which have been manufactured with the incorrect print and do not meet customers needs.


  • When manufacturing new boxes sometimes manufactures/end users make larger amounts than actually needed assuming future needs. If these sit for a period of time they can be discarded either by the manufacturer or the customer themselves if there needs change.

Used Boxes

  • Used boxes are once used in the manufacturing process. While these boxes have been used one time they still hold the same structural integrity as a new box. United Reuse hand sorts each and every box to ensure each box meets our rigid quality control standards

Is a used box just as good as a new one?

  • Our once used corrugated boxes are throughly checked and sorted to ensure quality control. Corrugated boxes can be used up to 3 times in their life cycle and still maintain their structrual integrity.

What type of box is right for me?

  • Most all of our boxes are RSC containers Regular slotted Containers (RSC) is the most common box style used for shipping and storage. The two outer flaps of an RSC box meet at the center of the box when folded and are usually closed using tape, or staples.

Who can purchase used boxes?

  • Any company who is using boxes to ship internally. Currently have a pick pack department. Or want to save money while also decreasing there carbon footprint. Really anyone who wants to save money and the enviroment one box at a time!
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