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4 Ply Gaylord Boxes

Quadruple-ply, or 4-walled gaylord boxes, are the first type of gaylord boxes that are considered industrial grade or heavy-duty. This is because they are capable of carrying well over 1000 pounds in inventory in a single load. 

4 ply gaylord boxes

Used 4 Wall Gaylord Boxes

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Pricing 4 Wall Boxes

One of the primary differences between the quadruple-ply boxes and their lower-plied equivalents is the sizes of these boxes. The majority of the quadruple-ply boxes are very large (typically 36” x 36” x 36” or larger), which is another contributing factor to their tremendous tensile strength. The only disadvantage to their size and strength is that it makes the boxes more expensive, and decreases the volume in which they can be shipped. However, this disadvantage is frequently off-set by the boxes’ durability. 4-walled gaylords can be reused numerous time without showing significant wear and tear, unlike double and triple ply boxes. So, in many ways, purchasing quadruple ply gaylords is an investment on behalf of its consumers because their longevity. Nevertheless, if a consumer intends on purchasing quadruple-walled corrugated boxes, they can be resold at highly favorable rates.

4 Ply Box Advantages

Their weight capacity allows them to conduct heavy shipping loads very easily. One of the primary uses for these particular gaylords is for shipping singular large and heavy industrial objects in a uniform fashion. For example, the various parts of a singular machine may be broken down into individual parts, loaded into quadruple-ply boxes, shipped, and assembled in a new location upon completion of the shipment. Because of they are typically intended for heavy-duty usage, almost all of these boxes are made from unsullied cardboard. This helps contribute to their tremendous tensile strength.