5 Wall Gaylord Boxes

Everything you need to know about Five Wall Gaylord Boxes

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Do I need a 5 Ply Pallet Box?

5 and 5+ wall gaylord boxes are without question the strongest form of gaylord boxes. These boxes are capable of carrying multiple thousand pound loads in a single haul. This makes them the best available option for shipping large and extra large industrial sized loads. However, these boxes are the rarest form of gaylord box. Pairing this fact with their enormous carrying capacity makes them the most expensive form of gaylord box. These boxes are not nearly as abundant as the double and triple ply gaylords, and are rarely purchased in large volumes.


Five  Wall Cardboard Container Inventory

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How Much Do 5 Wall Gaylords Cost?

Much like the quadruple-ply gaylords, 5 & 5+ ply boxes are often very large (typically 40” x 40” x 40” or larger). This, along with their rarity, is what makes these particular boxes difficult to purchase in large volumes. Another similarity that 5-walled gaylords share with 4-walled gaylords is their prolonged shelf-life. They can be used and shipped multiple times without enduring significant damage, or requiring reconditioning. Thus, these boxes serve as assets to their consumers. While these are most expensive, they are worth the money if a buyer has the necessary funds because of their longevity, and their favorable resale price.

What’s the advantage of a Five Wall Gaylord?

The primary differences between these boxes and the double and triple ply boxes is their price, volume, durability, and weight capacity. While the lower-plied boxes are cheaper and appear in much larger volumes, they are capable of significantly less than the 5 and 5+ ply boxes. The average 5-wall gaylord box has more than double the weight capacity of the double and triple wall boxes. The 5-wall boxes are also significantly larger on average than the double and triple wall boxes. The most important difference, however, is the durability of the larger ply boxes. The majority of the double and triple wall boxes can only be used a handful of times before enduring significant damage, which severely diminishes their resale value.