Gaylord Box Dimensions

The Difference Between Rectangular and Octagonal Gaylord Boxes

The primary difference between rectangular and octagonal gaylord boxes is stacking ability. The four additional pressure points on octagonal gaylord boxes provide a more optimal weight distribution. Consequently, octagonal gaylord boxes have significantly better stacking ability than their rectangular counterparts. In other words, each wall on a rectangular gaylord is forced to bear twice as much weight as each wall on an octangular gaylord box. While this may not affect the weight capacity of the boxes, it will certainly affect the boxes’ shelf life. So, the shelf life for octagonal gaylord boxes is typically much longer than rectangular gaylords because they will not be worn down as quickly.

The Base of Rectangular Gaylord Boxes

The bases of gaylord boxes can typically come in 5 sizes. The majority of boxes have bases that are either 36”x36”, 40” x 40”, 40” x 48”, 48” x 40” or 48” x 48” because they are designed to fit on top of wooden pallets, which also typically share those same dimensions. The reasoning behind this is because the wooden pallets help fortify the carrying capacity, and make them much easier to transport via forklift. It is often difficult to move a gaylord box at full carrying capacity without a pallet underneath it without damaging the bottom of the box. This is because the forks on a forklift may puncture the bottom a box when attempting to hoist or move the boxes, which may potentially compromise the box. There are some boxes that have smaller bases, typically 36” x 36” which can also be attached or moved on pallets. Some customers prefer these marginally smaller boxes because they typically have the same carrying capacity, but take up less space in the bed of a truck, which means that more of them can be purchased in a single load.

The Height of Rectangular Gaylord Boxes

The height of rectangular gaylord boxes, can vary tremendously. The height of a cardboard gaylord box is almost always determined by the box’s first owner. On top of that, some people may actually reduce the height of their boxes by cutting off a few inches on the top. The height of gaylords ranges between 24” and 48”. The most recurrent height is 36” because that is the most common height of a new box. However, finding boxes with heights ranging between 40”-48” is fairly simple. Because the height of a box has a directly correlative relationship with its carrying capacity, taller boxes are more expensive in both the retail and resale markets for gaylord boxes. It is important to note that height does not affect the box’s weight capacity, that is strictly determined by the number of walls and the bottom of any particular box.

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The Base of Octagonal Gaylord Boxes

The base of octagonal boxes are typically smaller than their rectangular counterparts, which actually has a few significant advantages. The base of most octagonal gaylords is 46” x 38”, and is placed on the same wooden pallets that are either 48” x 48” or 48” x 40”. One of the greatest advantages of the smaller base on the wooden pallets is that it evenly distributes the weight of the box’s inventory in the center of the pallet, which optimizes their stacking ability. The second and most significant advantage of the centralized weight distribution is that it drastically increases the box’s weight capacity. The octagonal shape itself also maximizes the box’s carrying capacity because it adds 4 additional pressure points in comparison to the rectangular gaylord boxes. While most rectangular boxes can carry 1,000-1,500 lbs, octagonal gaylord boxes can generally carry well over 2,000 lbs in a single haul. Because of this, octagonal gaylord boxes are typically more expensive in both retail and resale markets for gaylord boxes. While the majority of octagonal gaylords have 46” x 38” bases, there are bigger 48” x 48” options and smaller 42” x 36” options available as well.

The Height of Octagonal Gaylord Boxes

Much like the rectangular gaylord boxes, the height of octagonal gaylord boxes is variable. The height is also typically determined by a box’s first user. The height of an octagonal gaylord ranges between 24” and 42” inches, which is marginally shorter than the average rectangular gaylord. While this may affect the overall carrying capacity, it bears no relevance to the box’s weight capacity, which is often the most important factor for the majority of customers.

HPT Gaylord Boxes

High Performance Tote (HPT) Gaylord Boxes are the most valuable and sought after type of box. The name practically speaks for itself, all of these boxes have 5 walls, a rectangular shape, with full flap bottoms, and almost always have full flap tops. There are 3 different types of HPT gaylord boxes – HPT-39’s, HPT-41’s, and HPT-50’s. The number of associated with the particular HPT refers to the height of that box. HPT-41 boxes are the most common form high performance tote, but HPT-39’s are also fairly common. On the other hand, HPT-50’s are very rare and expensive. All of these boxes have 3 parts – the rectangular outer case, a rectangular interior liner to fortify the box’s strength, and an additional octagonal insert to centralize the inventory and fortify the box’s stacking ability. The construction of these boxes gives them the greatest carrying capacity of any particular gaylord box, which is why they are the most expensive and sought after form of gaylord box. Refer to this website for further details on the construction of an HPT box, and the HPT-41 box in particular.

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