Triple Wall Gaylord Boxes

The Essential Buyer’s Guide for 3 Ply Gaylord Boxes

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What’s so great about a three wall gaylord box?

Triple ply gaylord boxes are the perfect medium between price and tensile strength. This because they are not considered industrial strength, but have the capability of holding nearly 1000 pounds of inventory; which allows them to carry medium sized shipping loads.


3 Wall Cardboard Gaylord Box Inventory

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Triple Wall Box Construction

One of the most popular forms of triple-walled gaylord boxes is the HPT-41 cardboard tote. These particular boxes are are rectangular in shape, with full bottom flaps, and are reinforced with a wooden pallet bottom. The first, outermost wall, is almost always B-fluted, and reinforced by the second rectangular wall that is often C-fluted. The final, innermost wall, is generally octagonal, and the fluting of this layer can vary. The reason that the innermost wall is octagonal instead of rectangular is to uniformly distribute the weight of the box’s inventory in the center. The centralized weight distribution with these containers allows them to carry more inventory, and makes them easier to stack.

Pricing 3 Wall Boxes

Much like the double-ply gaylord boxes, triple-ply boxes are often made from recycled materials. However, it is easier to find triple-ply boxes made from unsullied cardboard than double-ply boxes. Boxes made from unused cardboard are typically stronger than those made from recycled material because it is unlikely for the fresh cardboard to be warped or altered in any way, shape, or form. Many of the HPT-41 gaylord boxes are made from fresh cardboard because of their intricate shaping and construction. This, along with the added tensile strength, makes these particular boxes marginally more expensive than the 2 ply alternatives

What Are The Advantages Of Purchasing  A Three Wall Box?

While the HPT-41’s are one of the most common forms of triple-ply gaylord boxes, they can come in other shapes and sizes depending on consumers’ needs and preferences. One of the advantages of the triple-wall boxes over the double-wall boxes is their stacking ability. In particular, the octagonal triple-wall gaylords with full bottom flaps are known for their stacking ability because of the elongated rectangular flaps help distribute weight evenly atop an uneven surface. Unlike the 2 ply gaylord boxes, there is no uniform flute combination for these boxes outside of the HPT-41s. The flute combination of most triple-wall boxes is determined by the needs of the original manufacturer.