About Us

The Gaylord Box Exchange is dedicated to helping companies buy and sell used gaylords.  We operate nationwide connecting manufactures with buyers to divert used packing to be reused instead of traditional recycling.

How We Help Manufactures:

By diverting packaging waste towards reuse we are able to provide manufactures with a much higher rebate than traditional recyclers.  Reuse prices are also less variable than the market for OCC thus protecting you from changes in the recycling market.

Started selling your gaylords.

How We Help Buyers:

As a buyer of used gaylord boxes, the benefits are obvious.  We are able to provide used gaylords delivered for ¼ of the cost of a new gaylord.

We are contracted with over 176 manufactures across the country.  Our goal is to match you with boxes that meet your requirements that make the most logistical sense.

Our goal isn’t to sell you just one truckload, we want you to call us every time you need more boxes.  At the Gaylord Box Exchange you will be greeted with A+ customer service by a team that dedicated to helping you.

We are able to help customer with orders of 25 gaylords to full truck loads.

Please submit online or give us a call as we are always happy to help