The Ultimate Guide To Gaylord Ply & Wall thickness

Everything you ever need to know about cardboard container ply

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2 ply Gaylord Boxes

2 ply gaylord boxes, also referred to as 2 wall gaylord boxes, are the most commonly found type of gaylord box. These gaylord boxes have the lowest tensile strength of the gaylord boxes that we have in stock, and generally have carrying capacities less than 1,000 pounds. The advantages of this type of gaylord box is that they are the cheapest available option, and can often be purchased in very large volumes. The majority of these boxes have BC flutes. The inner B flutes provide adequate cushioning for the box’s inventory, while the marginally thicker C flutes give these boxes sufficient stacking strength. These boxes are available in rectangular and octagonal shapes, and come in a myriad of different sizes.

3 Ply Gaylord Boxes

3 wall gaylord boxes are the second most common form of gaylord box. These are often considered the most cost effective form of gaylord box because they are the perfect medium between price and tensile strength. Similar to the 2 ply gaylord box, these boxes can be purchased in large volumes. The most popular form of 3 wall gaylord box is the HPT-41 Gaylord Box. This is a 2 ply rectangular box reinforced by an octagonal third wall, which gives these boxes a uniform weight distribution, and gives them immense stacking strength.

4 ply Gaylord Boxes

The 4 ply gaylord box is the first of the industrial grade gaylord boxes. These boxes have carrying capacities between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds, and are commonly reinforced with pallet bottoms. These boxes are great for moving and shipping very large loads. These boxes can be reused multiple times, but are not as easily found as their lower plied counterparts. Thus, these boxes are more expensive than the 2 and 3 ply boxes. However, their extended shelf life gives this particular type of box a larger resale value.

5ply Gaylord Boxes

The 5 wall gaylord box is the rarest and most expensive form of gaylord box. The reason that they are the most expensive is because they have the greatest tensile strength, carrying capacity, and their prolonged shelf life. These boxes can be reused multiple times without enduring excessive wear and tear. Consequently, these boxes serve as assets to their owners and have a very high resale value. These boxes are almost always reinforced with pallet bottoms, and frequently come with lids.