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Waste Paper Recycling Services Near You

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We will pick up all of your plastic waste, and PAY YOU FOR IT!

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Types of Plastic Recycling

Our broad network of recyclers allows us to pay all customers in the continental United States for their unwanted waste paper. We will pick up all types of recyclable paper anywhere in the United States.

The Advantages of Paper Recycling

There are numerous advantages in recycling waste paper. One of the most notable advantages is that it saves space in landfills. Approximately 35% of all municipal waste in the United States is made up of paper products, and only about 40% of that paper is recycled. By recycling your old paper products, you will actively reduce your carbon footprint, and create space in landfills for products that cannot be recycled. The benefit of reducing the amount of paper in landfills is that it reduces the amount of greenhouses gases landfills produce. When paper decomposes in landfills, it produces methane and carbon dioxide, both of which contribute to global climate change. Another notable advantage to recycling is that it preserves precious resources, specifically trees, forests, and water. Recycling one ton of paper can save up to 17 trees and 7 thousand gallons of water. Considering that most businesses still use paper, and generate waste paper recycling can drastically help the environment. The last and most important advantage to recycling your waste paper is that it will help save your business money. Instead of having to pay for a garbage collection service, your business can actually get paid for the waste that you produce. The more waste you produce, the more you will be paid!


We will pick up all of your waste paper, and pay you for it!

Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

Old Corrugated Cardboard, or OCC, is one of the most frequently recycled materials on the market. OCC can come in the form of paperboard, cardboard boxes, and slip sheets.


Mixed Paper

Bales of mixed paper are typically made up of newspaper, office waste, and cardboard. The lack of uniformity in the material forces the price of the commodity down because it will have to be sorted at a later date. So, many people will pre-sort their paper before it is recycled in order to be adequately compensated for their waste.

Old Newspaper

Believe it or not, your old newspapers actually hold significant value. Baled newspaper is purchased with the purpose of deinking the paper, and recycling it for another iteration of use.


High Grade Deinked Paper

High grade deinked paper is made up of letter head, copier paper, envelops, and printer paper. This is the second most valuable type of recyclable material behind OCC.


Recycling magazines has become much more popular over the past couple of decades. The value in recycling magazines comes from the shiny style and texture of magazine paper. This is purchased with the intention of either repurposing the paper into newspaper, or deinking it and printing more magazines.


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