Used Gaylord Boxes in Texas

We Buy/Sell Gaylord Boxes TX.

Used Gaylord Boxes in Texas

We Buy/Sell Gaylord Boxes TX.

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Market Demand Vs. Inventory

Current Supply In Dallas, Texas

In the greater Dallas, Texas region we have an ongoing supply of:

We can fit 1000 of the 2 wall poly-banded gaylords on a truck. We can fit 600 of the 3 wall produce boxes on a truck.  There is always large demand in the Dallas region, so call to see what’s available.  These gaylord options can be purchased in quantities of 25 for pick up or delivery.

Current Supply in Houston, Texas

In the greater Houston region we have the current ongoing supply of:

In Houston we have 800 available per month.  These always are available for pick up or delivery.  We can fit 500 of these gaylords on a 53′ trailer.

Current Supply in Austin, Texas

In the greater Austin, Texas region we have the following ongoing supply of:

Each of these facilities produce 1 truck load of 500 gaylords per month.  You can order in quantities of 25.  Both of these options are available for pick up and delivery.

Current Supply in Laredo, Texas

In the greater Laredo, Texas region we have an ongoing supply of:

  • In Laredo Clean once used 5 wall gaylords – partial flap/slipsheet bottoms
  • Also in Laredo  we have 4 wall gaylords

We have one truck load available per month for both options.  Call to see current availability.

Current Supply El Paso, Texas

In the El Paso, Texas we have the following ongoing supply of:

  • El Paso, Texas we have clean once used 5 wall gaylords – partial flap/slip sheet bottoms

Please call to get current availability.  As these are just south of New Mexico, it is affordable to ship these as far as Phoenix, Arizona.

Texas Buyer Guide

The lone star state is home to thousands of gaylord boxes. In our brief experience in Texas, we have found a wide array of 2 ply, 3 ply, and 5 ply gaylord boxes in different cities within the state. We have established connections in the major cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Despite our previously established partnerships, we would like to expand our customer base within the state, and we would be honored to service any and all of your boxing needs. By expanding our influence beyond the major cities in Texas and establishing partnerships in specific localities, we can help minimize the freight costs for all parties involved. One of the most popular services we offer to all of our current and potential customers is our complimentary used cardboard and gaylord box removal service. No matter where you are located within the state of Texas, we will happily come pick up your unwanted cardboard goods. Additionally, if you have any lightly used gaylord boxes that are in suitable condition, we would be glad to purchase them from you. Lastly, if none of the current listings can service your current boxing needs, we urge you to fill out the box buyer form. Upon completion of the form, we will source your request as quickly as possible, and be in contact with you in the very near future. We look forward to doing business with you!